Dalat Best Dance Crew Outdoor Dance Festival 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup took place on April 26, 27 and 29, 2022 and has created a huge “hick” to help Lam Dong province stimulate tourism after 2 years of “silence” because of the epidemic. The final 3 nights with the participation of the most popular guests of Vbiz include: musicians Tran Tien, Quyen Linh, Minh Hang, Isaac, Trong Hieu, ST Son Thach, Ali Hoang Duong, Phao, AK49, Hoang Rapper and More than 1,000 dancers nationwide. The show has attracted more than 100,000 spectators to watch live, crowded with Lam Vien square, Da Lat city.

Hoa Sen Home Cup, presented by Dalat Best Dancing Crew in 2022, alters how young people in Vietnam see dance. Isaac had to exclaim in astonishment when singing on the large platform in front of tens of thousands of onlookers: “Isaac did not anticipate the stage to be that huge. Isaac has the largest possibility to play and contribute this year on this platform. The Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup was deemed by the program’s adviser and judge to be the biggest dance platform ever in Vietnam, where amateur dance groups may display their talent.

At the Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup, singer Isaac performed. The Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup competition got praise from professional dancers as well as from the crowd, who applauded the stunning choreography in person. Many viewers have had their perceptions of Vietnamese dance altered by the performers’ deep engagement in both movements and substance. Additionally, the contest has served as a first step for many young people to leave their “comfort zone” and bravely get up to perform in front of millions of viewers around the nation by encouraging young people’s enthusiasm for movement and delivering a message of positivity.

The Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup stage is particularly where “zero” (passionate individuals who have no dancing experience) meets “hero” (dancers among the Top in Vietnam and the world). On the same stage, everyone is there and competing to inspire enthusiastic dance. This is a really outstanding number for the 3 days of the competition, with more than 150,000 spectators viewing live broadcast via YouTube, Facebook platforms, and more than 100,000 people watching live at Lam Vien square. And that is the outcome, meaning that in addition to the crew, choreographers, and more than 1,000 participating dancers, everyone should be happy to have been “a part” of this historic event.

In addition to the tangible benefits of the curriculum, the dancers have undoubtedly gained numerous worthwhile abilities and experiences. Because of the knowledge and instruction provided by the best choreographers in the nation, including Viet Thanh, Viet Max, Quang Dang, and Huynh Men, the dancers may confidently achieve their “dreams” of competing in an international dance competition.
“We developed the contest aimed at young people because we want to via dance activities, through that youth, give more good energy to everyone after two years of the epidemic,” added Mr. Vu Van Thanh, Vice Managing Director of Hoa Sen Group.
Vice Managing Director of the Hoa Sen Group, Mr. Vu Van Thanh Three winners of this season’s Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 – Hoa Sen Home Cup have been determined after three final evenings. The champion belongs to the OneNess group, which is part of the Movement group. The team that took first place in the Pro group was Milky Way Crew, while the squad that won the Semi-Pro group was Heaven Dance Team.
The Hoa Sen Home Cup for Dalat Best Dance Crew 2022 brings an end to the search for dancing talent and inspires young people to be positive and active. The competition was launched to usher in a fresh start and give Lam Dong province a fresh thrilling “breath.” And with this success, it is hoped that in the future, the competition will grow even more in many other provinces and cities around the nation, giving young people the chance to learn to dance in more places and with less difficulty.

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