Do Viet Max, Viet Thanh feel pressured when sitting in the hot seat of the biggest dance competition in the country?

This year’s season, “Dalat Best Dance Crew 2023” expands in scale, with the participation of international dance groups.

“Dalat Best Dance Crew 2023” officially kicks off season 2. Before that, the show made its mark with a grand scale of organization, gathering dance groups across the country.

This year, Viet Max, Viet Thanh take the position of the main jury with the guest judges. As the person who accompanied the show in the first season, judge Viet Max assessed the return of “Dalat Best Dance Crew 2023” as a significant breakthrough, when the scale has reached the international level. However, with this innovation, the male judge found this to be both an opportunity and a challenge for all Vietnamese dance groups when facing international friends.

post10 image2 1Viet Max, Viet Thanh sit on the hot seat “Dalat Best Dance Crew 2023.”

However, the “old man” of the Vietnamese hip-hop village also highly appreciates the choreography of domestic dance groups when they have “held the balance even between two parties” for many significant competitions. “The ability of Vietnamese dancers is very good, and I am very proud of that. I hope the dance teams from international and Vietnam will have a healthy competition, bringing explosive matches at the final night”, shared Viet Max.

Regarding the limit of creativity for dance groups when choreographing performances to compete, choreographer Viet Max affirmed that creativity is limitless if it does not lose fine traditions. However, the jury will also rely on some background technical factors to evaluate the exam, especially the music. “When you dance, you must dance to the music. Any creation that doesn’t blend in with the music, we don’t appreciate it,” said the male judge.

This year, Viet Max along with Viet Thanh and two international friends, Alex The Cage and Hoshito Torres Tanaka, will be the ones who “hold the balance even between two parties” to choose the best dance groups.

When choreographer Viet Max was asked if he felt pressured when he sat down with the international judges, he immediately affirmed, “No pressure”. He confided: “I and Mr. Viet Thanh used to judge many international competitions as well as other countries competing in Vietnam. Therefore, we do not have any pressure to sit with the two upcoming international judges. As a jury, we will be fair to the dance groups no matter where they come from.”

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Talking about the extremely strict grading criteria in season 2, Viet Thanh pointed out the particularly important factors that the teams must have. First, the male judge affirmed that he will be stricter when judging the music selection of the competing groups, because these are not simply mixing songs together. Besides, how to handle the lineup and technique are the factors that the male judge pays special attention to.

“We have to evaluate it a little more difficult, not simply that you just dance evenly is enough, but it requires difficult techniques and creativity, newer, more special and has its own style.”, judge Viet Thanh shared.

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