Efforts for the community help Hoa Sen Group become a trusted brand

Hoa Sen Group is one of the units that successfully built the image of a brand associated with the community. With the core business philosophy of “Honesty – Community – Development”, the Group has been leaving a strong impression through sponsorship and charity programs with social meaning and profound humanity.

Light the fire of hope, continue to write the dream of going to school for orphans

“Vietnamese Family Home” is a reality TV program born to support, accompany and support children orphaned parents and relatives after the Covid-19 pandemic that has been broadcast on channel HTV7 since October 5. With the mission of “connecting love, sharing happiness”, right after the first episode was broadcast, this program received the love and reception of a large audience.

Through 04 broadcast episodes, “Vietnamese Family Home” has taken away the tears of millions of viewers when portraying the heartbreaking stories of children who are unlucky in society. But most importantly, the audience’s emotions burst and the happy and radiant laughter on the faces of the children and their families when they won after each episode, brought back valuable bonuses to cover their lives, continue to write about the dream of going to school.

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“Vietnamese Family Home” opens the door to a bright future for orphans

More than 400 million VND was the prize money that Hoa Sen Home Furniture and Building Materials Supermarket System (Hoa Sen Group) has given to 12 families of children participating in the first 4 episodes. With a total of 13 episodes broadcast, the crew of the “Vietnamese Family Home” program will continue to roam the streets to find, listen, understand each character’s story, and help and support for each difficult situation.

“Vietnamese Family Home” is also a humane bus that continues a series of volunteer journeys that have helped more than 2,000 children with special circumstances in shelters, open houses, reform schools, SOS children’s villages, etc., coordinated by Hoa Sen Group with Ho Chi Minh City Police Newspaper to organize it annually for more than 10 years.

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Hoa Sen accompanies “Pair of leaves of love” to continue writing the dream of going to school for disadvantaged children.

On the journey of “giving the opportunity to go to school, giving the opportunity to change life” for disadvantaged children, Hoa Sen Group has accompanied the journey of “Pair of leaves of love” for the past 5 years, help the “leaves that haven’t been healed”. That humanitarian bus is still rolling for children’s dream of going to school in all parts of the country, and at the same time spreading love and compassion to the community.

Mark and honor the noble sacrifices of frontline forces.

With the mindset that businesses can only develop sustainably in a healthy community, in addition to making efforts to maintain production and business, Hoa Sen Group always stands by the health industry and the people of the country in the fight against the epidemic.

During the fourth outbreak of the epidemic, tens of billions of dong in various forms of cash, food, and essential medical supplies were quickly transferred to places where there was a shortage, in need, to support the right people, right time, contributing to minimizing the loss, alleviating pain and strengthening the will of the people to overcome the pandemic firmly.

Up to now, Hoa Sen Group has donated a total of more than 21 billion VND for epidemic prevention and timely support to frontline medical forces, along with thousands of difficult situations in society.post3 image1 5

Melodies come from the heart at “Sing for Tomorrow” spread positive energy to the community

Through the music program for the community “Sing for Tomorrow”, more than 3 billion VND was given by Hoa Sen Home to frontline forces with 88 characters – “angels in white” who fought day and night the epidemic. They are the resilient hearts who have forgotten themselves in the midst of the epidemic to hold on to the precious breath for each patient, and with the patient going through the fiercest days because of Covid-19.

In the gratitude program “The frontline force against the epidemic on the occasion of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day”, Hoa Sen Group has donated more than 4 billion VND to units and individuals that have made great contributions to the epidemic prevention and control. , include: Units under the field hospitals of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, hospitals at the central level and the armed forces and units supporting the Municipal health sector participated in epidemic prevention and control.

Previously, this business also supported 1 billion VND for the frontline medical force to prepare for a reunion and prosperous Lunar New Year.post3 image1 4

Hoa Sen Group enthused the frontline force to fight the epidemic. 

In the journey “Sharing love – Joining hands to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”, Hoa Sen Home’s humanitarian bus was present at 120 points in need of support in Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces of Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ca Mau, Soc Trang and An Giang. Hoa Sen Home directly donated 11.5 billion VND to the Covid-19 Prevention Fund in localities and nearly 6 billion VND in items including: medical equipment, food, necessities, etc.

Not only epidemics but natural disasters always contain many unexpected surprises and risks. Understanding and promptly acting, Hoa Sen Group is also a unit that regularly attends “hot spots” to share losses and overcome consequences of natural disasters with local authorities.

In which, there were programs to join hands with the people in the Central provinces to overcome the consequences of floods and storms in 2020, a relief package of more than 4 billion VND with nearly 5,000 gifts given to people in the Central region during the floods in recent years or donated corrugated iron sheets to disadvantaged households whose roofs were swept away after the devastating Super Typhoon Damrey in 2017.

In a longer-term effort for the community, Hoa Sen Group’s journey of social service is a journey that persists over time. Choosing to accompany throughout with charity programs, Hoa Sen Group has been and will still strive every day to contribute to society, demonstrate corporate responsibility to the community, contribute to building a better and better society.

Hoa Sen Group is not only a leading enterprise in the market of producing and trading galvanized steel sheets in Vietnam but is also one of the units that successfully built the image of a brand associated with the community. Over 21 years of being consistent with the philosophy of “Honesty – Community – Development”, Hoa Sen Group has been affirming its brand mark through many sponsorship and charity programs with social meaning and humanity such as: Overcoming yourself, Kind heart, Golden rattle, Shining Vietnamese energy, Ton Hoa Sen – Accompany you going to school, Futsal football tournament for children with special circumstances, Pair of leaves of love, Sing for tomorrow, Vietnamese Family Shelter,…

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