Hát Cho Ngày Mai: Closing the journey of “Sharing love” – Humanity shines during the pandemic

33 episodes aired – 88 stories that touched audiences’ hearts

Closing the first season, Hát Cho Ngày Mai has “gained” much love from the audience. The success of the program does not simply come from the mission to honor the frontline forces against the epidemic, but is created by 88 meaningful and humane stories that have taken away the audience’s tears many times.

It is the story of people who have silently devoted themselves to the community during the pandemic. With the belief of peace through turbulent days and a great love, they did not hesitate to rush into the center of the epidemic to share difficulties and dangers with Covid patients and the entire medical industry.

Through 33 episodes, the program Sing for Tomorrow gave away 3,085 billion VND to 88 contestants, helping them continue their work of giving love to other disadvantaged people. Besides, Hoa Sen Home gave many gifts to candidates with difficult circumstances: Donating 01 motorbike to nurse Vu Thi Chinh (Gia Dinh People’s Hospital); 02 corrugated iron roofs for nursing family Le Thi Nhu Ngoc (Dermatology Hospital) and volunteer Tran Huynh Tan; 20 wheelchairs for volunteer Dang Hoang An; 02 bread carts for Mr. Huynh Quang Khai and gifts for the Ngoc Viet love class founded by Mr. Khai.

With the gifts given, Hoa Sen Home continued to write unfinished dreams for candidates with difficult circumstances.

Many tears were shed…

As a companion throughout the program Sing for tomorrow, MC Quyen Linh said that this is an emotional journey. For him, it has brought positive energy to erase the sorrows of life, especially the pain of the past pandemic.

“The 33 episodes represent the entire emotions of the people during the pandemic season. Too many tears were shed during the show. There are tears of obsession, tears of happiness, and tears of sharing,” MC said

 Accompanying with Hát Cho Ngày Mai through more than 33 episodes, MC Quyen Linh said that this is a journey full of memories and emotions.

And when going through that haunting time, the contestants’ singing and singing are the “tonics” to ease the pain and loss and add positive energy to life. “The 88 contestants participating in the program have contributed to adorn the picture of human values with more colors”, MC Quyen Linh added.

Dang Hoang An is one of the 88 characters who bring to the show a meaningful story of “beautiful life – energetic life”.

Not only MC Quyen Linh, psychology master Dang Hoang An – a contestant with paralyzed legs but with a strong will to live said that when he came to the program he received more than what he wanted. “Since participating in Hát Cho Ngày Mai’ I have received a lot of love from everyone. Donated by sponsors with 20 wheelchairs, connected with many other contestants who participated in the program and also made many new friends. Someone watched the episode in which I participated and tried to contact me to express my sympathy and encourage me in life. And to this day, we have become good friends. I feel that these are the greatest and most precious values that I have received”, added Mr. Hoang An.


The perfect reunion between volunteer Nhat Long and the patient he saved his life between life and death

Along with that, contestant Huynh Quang Nhat Long – who quietly gave oxygen tanks to “revive” life to thousands of F0 patients also had emotional shares: “At that time danger was always waiting. and it’s also a lot of hard work, but doing this job makes me feel that life is more meaningful, and I also thank the program for creating a humanistic playground for the frontline force to shine. “.


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