This year, the Forbes Vietnam Business Forum gathers the top minds among business community, policymakers and ideologists to address the challenges, discuss opportunities and exchange ideas that could help businesses to make the most of the changes. 

Overview of the honor ceremony

With an impressive business performance, strong position in the market and high interests for investors, Hoa Sen Group continued receiving this honorable award.  Earlier in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Hoa Sen Group was honorably received this award. 

Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai – Forbes Vietnam Representative presented the opening speech and appreciated the contributions of the Top 50 companies

According to the statistics of Forbes Vietnam, corresponding to the previous year’s rate, the 50 companies’ total market capitalization accounted for over 60% of the total market on the two bourses, HSX and HNX. Due to the improved quality of goods; Total revenue of listed companies reached VND 734,822 billion, showing an increase by 55%. Total profit of these companies reached VND 79,461 billion, showing an increase  se by 49% over the previous year.

In order to create the best exchange environment for leaders of leading enterprises in Vietnam as well as foreign enterprises looking for investment and business chances in Vietnam, Forbes Vietnam  held this  honor ceremony  along with discussion sessions about different topics:

Discussion session 1: “New reality definition”.

This session highlights how the world is changing, together with the establishment of new set of rules, which will help the business community identify changes to make the most of the environment, both nationally and internationally. The recent political turmoil in the world is reshaping the way to do business in many countries. New technologies are rising, from data mining to the Internet. Everything is disturbing the business world.

Discussion session 2: “Strategy for a changing world.”

In the changing economy context in terms of scale and form, there have been many challenges and opportunities emerging, that force companies to have long-term vision and flexible strategies to adapt quickly to new realities. The past few years have seen many businesses approaching opportunities by making investments in new industries. They continue to consolidate their core business lines or completely follow a new direction. How are they doing? What do top leaders think of these changes? How are they developing strategies to prepare for market-driven changes? That is considered the theme for the second discussion session.

Discussion session 3: “Assigning and preparing leadership to the next generation”

After more than two  business decades, many companies that are  family businesses, or companies with old founders and leading leaders facing the task of assigning leadership to the next generation, whereby  the most important issue is to transfer of power to the next leadership generation. So, how can the company continue to thrive for generations?

After the heated discussions, the 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies honor ceremony in 2017 was taken place accordingly. Hoa Sen Group is proud to be in the top 20list of companies. The list is formulated with the purposes of providing information about top listed companies having outstanding business results and high interests for investors, as well as honoring and encouraging enterprises’ spirit.

Mr. Ho Thanh Hieu – Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group (first line, fourth from left) in the award ceremony

The list of 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies in 2017 is made on the basis of compounded revenue growth rate, profit, ROE, ROA and EPS growth for the 2012-2016 period.  The ranking method for listed companies of Forbes (USA) was used by Forbes Vietnam to make this list, taking into account the characteristics of listed companies in Vietnam. The data collection is based on the audited financial statements in the five consecutive years, for the period of 2012-2016. Qualitatively, Forbes Vietnam independently considered the level of sustainable development of enterprises: Brand, quality of corporate governance, profit origin in the past and prospects for sustainable development.

Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai –  Forbes Vietnam Representative awarded the 50 Best Vietnamese listed companies 2017 certificate for Mr. Ho Thanh Hieu – Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group

For many years, Hoa Sen Group has held the first position in the field of manufacturing and trading steel sheet in Vietnam with more than 30%  steel sheet market share and more than 20% of steel pipe market share in the country (According to statistics of Vietnam Steel Association 2016). For plastic pipe products, Hoa Sen Group has risen to hold the third position in the nationwide plastic pipe market after only a few years of production. 

The 50 companies’ total market capitalization accounted for 60% of the total market on the two bourses, HOSE and HNX 

This is the fifth time Hoa Sen Group has won this award.

This award demonstrates excellent corporate governance together with creative and flexible business strategies of Hoa Sen group’s board of management as well as the constant endeavor of more than 8000 employees over the last years.  

Mr. Ho Thanh Hieu – Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group in the award ceremony

Keeping the leading position in the steel industry in Vietnam, listed on the list of 50 best Vietnamese listed companies, Hoa Sen Group has been on the road of continuous development, affirming the position of a global economic growth company of the World Economic Forum.

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