Top 40 Vietnamese brand announced by Forbes (July 2016)

According to Forbes Vietnam, 40 Vietnamese brand is selected from more than 300 brands, except the foreign brands performing in the country. Consumer goods accounted 70% and being the most overwhelming position in the list. The second and The Third are banking and financial corresponding proportion is 20% and 10%. Aviation and pharmaceutical accounted for 5%. Technology and telecommunications has 3 representatives. Evaluation method used by Forbes Vietnam to rank this list is looking at financial data, in particular, the calculation of the contribution of the brand of the enterprise to the business results. Thus, this process requires transparent financial data.

It is noteworthy that Vietnam’s valuable brands have mainly been formed after 1986, i.e. after conversion of economy operating under the market mechanism. Most of the company brands is built in the past 20 years also show the development process of the country’s enterprise community in the integration trend. As one of the company with strong growth in recent times, Hoa Sen Group was in the top 40 of those brands.

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Founded in 2001, according to the announcement of Forbes Vietnam, with a value of USD 21.9 million, Hoa Sen Group is known as a leading steel sheet manufacturer and trading company in Vietnam. As reported by the Steel Association, Hoa Sen steel sheet is more known than last year when it held nearly 40% market share, which is 6 times compared to the second competitor. Earlier, on May 30th, the Forbes Vietnam has announced the 50 best Vietnamese listed companies 2016. This is the fourth time Vietnam Forbes published this list and is also the fourth time Hoa Sen Group in the list of The 50 best Vietnamese listed companies. 

Description: 4.Forbes Việt Nam công bố Tập đoàn Hoa Sen nằm trong Top 50 công ty niêm yết tốt nhất 2016 (Theo Tạp chí Forbes, số 06.2016).JPG

Forbes Vietnam announced Hoa Sen Group in the 50 best Vietnamese listed companies 2016 (according to Forbes, June 2016)

From the beginning, Hoa Sen Group has applied business philosophy “Integrity – Community – Development”. Through 15 years of establishment and development, Hoa Sen Group has grown to become a leader in the steel sheet industry and contributes positively to the Vietnamese economy. Focus on product quality, constantly expanding the distribution network and transparency in the production andbusiness activities, Hoa Sen Group is considered as a fast growing and sustainable development enterprise. In addition, Hoa Sen Group always ensures timely and accurate information of all the important issues related to the company, including the financial situation, business activities, ownership, corporate governance and provide fast-full information to the press and media agencies. These factors have helped Hoa Sen Group presence in Top 40 Vietnamese brand. Before that, Hoa Sen Group  had been continuously honored for years at the prestigious award on transparency, on the brand as well as the other values of company such as: Vietnam Value for 3 product categories “Hoa Sen steel sheet – Hoa Sen steel pipe – Hoa Sen plastic pipe”, continuously in the Top 30 enterprises have the best annual report for years and  1 of 10 enterprise listed with the most prestigious on media 2015, Top 10 Vietnamese Golden Star several years, Top 50 Vietnamese brand announced   by Brand Finance Plc (UK); Top 15 Vietnamese strong brand 2015 …

The fact that Hoa Sen Group is in Top 40 Vietnamese brands as well as the prestigious awards recently announced, these are clear demonstration of the successful branding process not only through “Quality Products, Reasonable Prices, Fast Delivery and Good Service” but also transparent activities, diverse and effective community. Constantly implementing the brand’s commitment to the goal of creating the best value for consumers and society, Hoa Sen has created the Trust – Love of partners and customers.  That is the strength to help Hoa Sen brand pervading, continuously growing and developing,  and gone into consumers ‘minds deeply  as well as orienting to the leading supplier and distributor of building materials in Southeast Asia.



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