HOA SEN GROUP EXPANDED THE JOURNEY “Sharing love, Joining hands to overcome the pandemic”

Joining hands with the whole country and   Ho Chi Minh City to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, encourage the frontline forces participating in the fight against the epidemic, and partly support difficult situations. With the support of departments, agencies and city branches, Hoa Sen Group has carried out the journey “Sharing love – Joining hands to overcome the pandemic”.

The journey is being implemented and awarded the 3rd round, before that Hoa Sen awarded the first round on July 16-17, 2021, the second round on July 21-23, 2021. Up to now, Hoa Sen Group has donated specialized medical equipment such as N95 masks, protective gear, gloves, drop shields, etc. to medical staff at hospitals undergoing treatment for Covid-19 patients such as Cu Chi field hospital, Go Vap field hospital, Thu Duc field hospital, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, No.8 field hospital, No. 5A field hospital of Military Region 7 and vaccination points at Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City .

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Representative of Hoa Sen Group in collaboration with Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City donated medical equipment to the frontline medical staff to Cu Chi field hospital on July 31, 2021.

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The journey “Sharing love – Joining hands to overcome the pandemic” encourages the frontline at Cho Ray Hospital

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Giving extra umbrellas to people waiting in line for vaccination at Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, Hoa Sen Group also donated more than 100 tons of items including food, vegetables and other necessities to inter-agency soldiers, police, public security, volunteers participating in the fight against the epidemic and dozens of 0-VND volunteer kitchens, 0-VND Supermarket and gift distribution points for disadvantaged people and support students at universities who are in isolation and blockade areas.

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Artist, MC Quyen Linh accompanies Hoa Sen Group to donate 10 tons of rice and 150 boxes of noodles to the soldiers of the inter-sectoral forces, police, and front-line public security at the delivery point of the HCMC Police Newspaper.

post1 image 6Delivery point at the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department

During the 1st and 2nd roundes, Hoa Sen Group also donated food and necessities to dozens of 0-VND volunteer kitchens cooking rice for hospitals, frontline forces, isolation and blockade areas, people in difficult circumstances.

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The delegation donated food and necessities at Tuong Nguyen Pagoda Volunteer Kitchen in Nha Be district with a cooking capacity and donated 15,000 – 20,000 meals/day.

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Volunteer kitchen at Giac Ngo Pagoda

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post1 image 16Some photos of donation to the Volunteer Kitchens throughout the city. .

Hoa Sen Group also supports 0-VND Supermarkets to be maintained and have more diversified goods to continue serving and welcoming “special” guests who are disadvantaged families, laborers, people directly affected by the  Covid-19 pandemic

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Image of a 0-dong supermarket at La Pagoda, Go Vap district

Also on the journey, Hoa Sen Group went to dozens of places to distribute gifts to disadvantaged people and students at universities who are in isolation and blockade areas.

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Donation to students in the dormitory of Ton Duc Thang University – the area being requisitioned by the city as a medical isolation area

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Support students in the blockade area of Nong Lam University

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And dozens of gift distribution points for people in difficult circumstances

Previously, Hoa Sen Group has donated 11 billion VND to the Covid-19 epidemic prevention fund at the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in the provinces/cities where the company’s factories and offices are operating. .

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Some photos of donation to the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Fund in some localities

The journey “Sharing love, Joining hands to overcome the pandemic” has received attention, spreading human values to the community through the news that media agencies have reported on the journey:

  1. Good Morning News – Vietnam Television (VTV1):


  1. Newsletter Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City. (VTV9):


  1. Newsletter – HCMC Television Station. (HTV9):




  1. Vietnam National Assembly Television:


  1. People’s Police Television – ANTV:


  1. Financial Television Channel VITV – SCTV8:


  1. HCMC People’s Voice Radio. – VOH:


  1. Ho Chi Minh City Police Newspaper:


  1. Pioneers Newspaper: 



  1. Thanh Nien Magazine: 


  1. Bank Times:


  1. Vneconomy:


  1. Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper: : https://plo.vn/ Kinh-te/doanh-nghiep-ho-tro-gao-thuc-pham-vuot-qua-dich-covid19-1001412.html
  2. VTV News: https://vtv.vn/xa-hoi/ton-hoa-sen-chung-tay-cung-tp-ho-chi-minh-ho-tro-nhung-hoan-canh-kho-khan-trong-dai- pandemic-covid-19-20210717174721902.htm 
  3. Customs Newspaper: https://haiquanonline.com.vn/tap-doan-hoa-sen-noi-dai-hanh-trinh-san-se-yeu-thuong-chung-tay-cung-vuot-qua-dai-dich-149557. html
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  8. Vietnamese Family Newspaper: https://giadinhonline.vn/tap-doan-hoa-sen-ung-ho-hon-11-ty-dong-phong-chong-covid-19-d172697.html 

Information is regularly updated and detailed on the Group’s Fanpage. The Marketing Department hopes that all employees will share this information to spread the meaningful activities of Hoa Sen Group to the community, in line with the core value of “Honesty – Community – Development” that Hoa Sen Group has been consistent over the past 20 years.

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