Overview of the ceremony “Vietnam’s 50 best performing companies”

The program “Vietnam’s 50 best performing companies” in 2016 was organized by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine which chaired the Survey Council, along with the expertise coordination of Thien Viet Securities Company. The program has surveyed, selected and ranked the listed companies through scientific measurement methods according to international standards with great advices from experienced financial analysts, globally well-known management consulting companies such as Harvard Business School (USA), McKinsey Consulting and other reputable organizations.

Impressive business results of Hoa Sen Group in recent years

The “Vietnam’s 50 best performing companies” ranking is aimed at honoring outstanding effective companies of various industry groups listed on Vietnam stock market. According to the report at the ceremony, Hoa Sen Group has the compounded annual grow rate (CAGR) of revenues at 20%, average return on equity (ROE) at 23% and the rate of investor’s return at 146%.

Representatives of organizing committee awarded “Vietnam’s 50 best performing companies” to Mr. Vu Van Thanh, Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group

Mr. Vu Van Thanh – Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group in the ceremony

With transparent, creative and flexible strategies in the past years, Hoa Sen Group has gradually developed, grown and constantly reached far. By occupying nearly 40% of galvanized steel sheet market share and more than 20% of steel pipes market share in the domestic steel market, Hoa Sen Group not only holds the first position of manufacturing and trading steel sheet in Vietnam but it is considered a leading steel sheet exporter in Southeast Asia as well. This is the third consecutive year that Hoa Sen Group has won this title in the 5-year ranking chart. This achievement demonstrates the prudent, transparent and outstanding management ability, clear strategies and good vision of Hoa Sen Group’s board of management as well as great efforts of nearly 8.000 staffs in production and business activities.

This is the third consecutive year that Hoa Sen Group was honored at this event

Hoa Sen Group’s continued presence in the Vietnam’s 50 best performing companies chart has shown solid and extensive progress on the way to become a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Building Materials in Southeast Asia. This is evidenced by the following impressive business results: In the fiscal years 2014-2015, the Group exceeded the consumption output of 1 million tons/year, with revenue at VND 17,447 billion; profit after-tax at VND 653 billion, showing an increase up to 59% compared with the previous fiscal year. In the first 6 months of the fiscal year 2015-2016, the Group achieved more than 590,000tons of output, net sale revenue at VND 8,304 billion, profit after-tax of 6 months at VND 606 billion, fulfilling 92% of the year plan. Hoa Sen owns 8 large plants and a system of more than 200 distributors- retailers all over the country in order to deliver products to the end consumers with commitments to “Right Price, Right Standard, Right Quality, And Warranty”; at the same time, boosting exports in more than 65 countries and territories around the world. With continuous efforts in growth and development, Hoa Sen Group has been increasingly affirming the position of a global growth company of the World Economic Forum and undertaking the commitments of a brand always aiming to create the best value for consumers and society.

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