Mái ấm gia đình Việt: The complete joy of difficult families when receiving 90 million VND in bonus

Three families with challenging circumstances make an appearance in the inaugural broadcast: the family of young Tuyen Dinh (17 years old), the families of Minh Toan (16 years old), and Xuan Nam (16 years old), as well as MC Quyen Linh, artist Quoc Thuan, and singer Kyo York.

Children experience an irreparable loss when they wake up every morning without their mother by their side, particularly when their beloved mother has passed away because to the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, all three of the major characters in Episode 1 – Vietnamese Family Home have same trait. Those unlucky kids may have never ceased dreaming of a brighter life despite the clarity of their eyes.

Quoc Thuan, Kyo York, and many others were moved to tears of sadness when seeing the documentary video of all three families. When the two guest performers hugged the four sisters of Tuyen Dinh’s family, they moved the crowd to tears and left them with a warm feeling in their hearts.

The hug of artists Quoc Thuan and Kyo York helps the children feel like they are given great strength and motivation to overcome the challenges in the show

Coming to Viet Family Shelter, each family will have 4 members working together to perform the challenge, with the help of two artists Quoc Thuan and Kyo York. Before each round, the two artists devoted themselves to participating in a side challenge to bring back the right of priority, helping families reduce from 10kg to 5kg of fruit when performing the first challenge: Rowing a “boat” to transport fruit to the finish line.

With a mission to bring back rich rewards for families in need, the artists put forth a lot of effort and collaborated well.

The two guest artists were still in good condition when they first helped the first family, but Kyo York was growing weary when they helped the second family. Kyo York collapsed to the ground panting from exhaustion as the weight of the fruit on the scale reached merely 5 kg. MC Quyen Linh was approached by artist Quoc Thuan at this point, who said: “Are you aware of why I encouraged you to breach the law earlier? Did you see every single firefly at that time?”

Artists Quyen Linh and Quoc Thuan always give strength to children when taking on challenges

In the second task, three families must work together to use a gigantic slingshot to launch five balls into circles that are roughly three meters distant. Artist Quoc Thuan made Quyen Linh chuckle as he did the act of “kneeling” before playing in order to “sail smoothly” upon completing the challenge. Surprisingly, the actor prevailed in this test after “cool hands” assisted 3 families in making several successful shots.

Minh Toan’s family took third place with a prize of 14 million VND after two rounds of challenges. The family of Xuan Nam came in second place and received a reward of 16 million VND. Tuyen Dinh’s family was fortunate to join the special round with the option to draw logos with a significant value of the bonus after finishing the two tasks in the quickest time of 7.44 minutes, as seen on MC Quyen Linh’s stopwatch.

Tuyen Dinh’s family reached the finish line and was able to withdraw 2 bonus logos from the program

Tuyen Dinh’s family had to conquer the final obstacle of filling the bottle with water in order to remove the branding. To push the time stop button, you must complete a series of activities that require you to blow water, move water, and open strange compartments. The time machine halted and transported Tuyen Dinh’s family 2 logos after the contestants had completed the challenge in 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Quoc Thuan suggested a pink logo to Tuyen Dinh’s family at the crucial time, whereas Kyo York preferred red and MC Quyen Linh preferred purple. Tuyen Dinh’s family received the first 30 million award money after acting on the counsel of artist Quoc Thuan.

Following the judgment of the artists, Tuyen Dinh’s family drew 2 logo boards with a total prize value of 60 million VND.

Right after that, there was a consultation to choose a bonus table, but the coordination between MC Quyen Linh, Quoc Thuan and Kyo York helped Tuyen Dinh’s family bring in another 30 million VND. Thus, the total amount of money that Tuyen Dinh’s family received is 60 million VND.

The audience started to cry as the children made a pledge to their deceased mother that moved them to tears: “After we have this money, we will attempt to take care of our studies more and aid and support our father, so that he is no longer troubled.”

Tears of sadness turned into happiness when Tuyen Dinh’s family won in Episode 1 – Vietnamese Family Home

The program Mái Ấm Gia Đình Việt is broadcast at 20:30 every Wednesday on channel HTV7. The program is implemented by Golden Moon Company in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Television Station, with the companionship of Hoa Sen Home Interior & Building Materials System (Hoa Sen Group).

Source     Tạp chí Thi Đua Khen Thưởng

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