MC Quyen Linh accompanies with Mái Ấm Gia Đình Việt to spread the good things in life

Artist Quyen Linh shared: “The pandemic has left unforgettable pain, and the great obsession it brings is the image of children who have lost their parents. At present, children need attention, care and sharing from the community, and each of us needs a very warm heart to be able to ease their pain. At the same time, Mái Ấm Gia Đình Việt also helps us feel the warmth of a family, where everyone can spread positive things and overcome difficulties in life together.”
The program’s goal is to establish a safe and joyful playground while also trying to ease the suffering of the children by supporting and aiding those who have lost both of their parents due to the epidemic. Children and their families will participate in movement games and ongoing challenges in each episode of the show, and success depends on everyone working together.
Before the program’s trials, MC Quyen Linh said: “Families may quickly stumble and lose their spirits when faced with difficulty. I want families to be engaged, to do more, to work more than ever to succeed. Additionally, the program’s movement games are meant to raise people out of challenging circumstances and assist them overcome obstacles in order to alter their life. While doing so, let’s keep in mind that there are many others who have it tougher than we do and use it as inspiration to work harder.

Even after more than 20 years of running programs for the underprivileged, MC Quyen Linh still experiences anxiety and worry when she sees families dealing with difficulties. The male MC said up: “Linh is anxious since the joy of each family taking on the task is distinct, thus Linh truly wants to see all three families succeed. Families must maintain their composure since everyone faces the same challenges in life. Therefore, whomever is composed, brave, and religious will undoubtedly prevail.” Additionally, MC Quyen Linh stated that he would be prepared to “cheat” if it would make the program more enjoyable and beneficial.

Artist Quyen Linh has been assisting children’s-related activities for about ten years and is currently the vice president of the Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Rights Protection Association. Male MC thinks that by coming to the Vietnamese Family Shelter, he would be able to continue to walk with the kids, offering them not just spiritual support but also conducive circumstances for them to continue writing about their desire to attend school and lead them to a brighter future.
With engaging tasks, alluring prizes, and the dependable company of MC Quyen Linh, the show aims to elicit strong feelings from the audience.
The first episode of the show Vietnamese Family Shelter will premiere on channel HTV7 at 20:30 on Wednesday, October 5.

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