Spread the model of “Sentimental Rice ATM” to the poor during the Covid-19 epidemic season.

Spread the model of “Sentimental Rice ATM” to the poor during the Covid-19 epidemic season.

Accompanying the social community and rice donors, Hoa Sen Group has brought an “ATM machine” to distribute charity rice for the poor. Currently, the “rice ATM” has spread to the most difficult areas of Lam Dong province. Many poor people, people in difficulty, lottery ticket sellers, homeless people … in the area have warmed their hearts during the epidemic season. The rice portions given free of charge make people in difficult circumstances in Lam Dong feel warm in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first batch of “rice ATMs” are being located in Lam Dong province such as:
– Linh Quang Tu Pagoda- Da Lat City
– Phuoc Hue Pagoda –  Bao Loc City
– Da Ron Commune People’s Committee- Don Duong District
– Cultural Center – Da Teh District

Time to set up rice ATM at 1 point, will distribute to people within 5 days, then rotate to other districts of Lam Dong province, so that the poor in other regions can receive support.

With Ton Hoa Sen’s meaningful message “Bringing happiness to share with the community” and the simple way, anyone who comes here to receive rice leaves with a happy mind. We wish people in difficult circumstances and difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic to solve the immediate “difficulty” with daily receipt of rice.

In the tough fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, that achieving victory or not depends a lot on the awareness and civic responsibility of each person and even production and business enterprises. Besides, social welfare and care work is an inevitable part of units with better conditions, sharing joys with less fortunate lives. Let’s join hands with the whole society to overcome this difficulty. Hopefully with the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, mutual love, this gesture will continue to receive contributions from the whole society, share difficulties with people during the epidemic season.

FOR A HEALTHY VIETNAM – Let’s join hands to win COVID19

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